> 14. Iran

Blue Mosque evening
Blue Mosque facade
Hasht Behesht Ceiling
Chehel Sotun ceiling
Detail of tiling; Chaharbagh madrasa
Basketweave brickwork, Hakim mosque
Fire temple
Hakim Mosque, mihrab
Wooden screen Seyed Mosque
Under the Arches, Khaju bridge
Seyed mosque, interior dome
Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque interior detail
Interior dome of Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque
Image of the world
Si-o-se-pol Bridge
Seljuk entrance Hakim Mosque
Art students
Pool Chahar Bagh madrasa
Pavilion Chahar Bagh madrasa
Mosque of Ali detail portal
Honar Bazaar - chiaroscuro
Muqarnas vaulting Darb-e-Imam Mosque
Muqarnas vaulting Chahar Bagh madrasa
Wall paintings, Chehel Sotun Palace
The Immortals
Old gravestones
Entrance Lotfullah Mosques
A box of mohr
A trio of clerics
Fars landscape
Alabaster carving
Male door knocker
Vakil mosque
Tiling, Vakil Mosque
Reservoir near Izeh
Female door knocker
Magenta sea
A schoolgirl
The shrine by night
Ferdawsi's tomb
Tomb of Omar Khayyam
Mosaic Tiling at the Tomb of Attari
Central Dome of the Friday Mosque
Meybon old town
Darius' palace
Citadel - leaning tower
Nasir al-Molk Mosque
Hand of Fatima
Griffin-topped column