> 10. Palestine

Bab al-Qattanin
Dome of the Chain
Dome of the Rock
Church of All Nations
Place of Ascension of Christ
Tomb of Fatima bint Husain ibn Ali
Tomb of Isaac
Dome of the Tomb of Lot
Mosque of Yaqin
Tomb of Absalom
Wall around Bethlehem
Tomb of Zechariah
Tomb of Lot
Manger, Church of the Nativity
Citadel of Jerusalem
Haram ash-Sharif
St. Stephen's Gate
Mosaics, Church of the Nativity
The Room of the Last Supper
Chapel on the site of Golgotha
Al Aqsa mosque from the south
Dome from the Mount of Olives
Tomb of Abraham
Bethlehem wall
Hebron street
Qasr Hisham
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Haram ash sharif
Wall at Azerriyya
Church of All Nations
Hanbala in Nablus
Mosaic peacock
Amphitheater Sebastia
Temple of Artemis