> 05. Turkmenistan

Turkmen in Independence Park
 A Lonely Lenin
President's Palace
The prize
Earthquake Monument
Local girls at the Hippodrome
Race track
Race track 2
Local uniform
Carpets at Tolkuchka
Carpet bazaar
Carrots at Tolkuchka
Kyz Kala - interior
Peppers at tolkuchka
Tolkuchka hats
Remains of the day
Mausoleum of Ibn Zaydi
Pilgrims at Najm ad-Din al-Kubra shrine
Cotton fields
Dried fruit
The disputed mausoleum
Ertogrul Gazy mosque
Independence Park
Seljuk Beg, Independence Park
Kyz Kalas
Turkmenbashy mausoleum
Shrine at Jalal ad-din Mosque
Inner dome, Turabeg Khanum mausoleum
Qutluq Timur dome
Qutluq Timur minaret
Ahal-Tekke horse sculpture
Turkmenbashy Ruhy mosque
Ruhayyet Palace
All the President's men
Arch of Neutrality
Nejm-ad-Din iwan
Ministry of Defence