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Kerak Castle

Kerak Castle


Kerak castle is twice mentioned in the Bible as Kir Moab, capital of the Moabites, it was used as a fortress in Roman times and features as one of the towns on the mosaic map in Madaba, and in the mosaic of St. Stephens’s at Umm Rasas. It was a Crusader stronghold in the 12th century built by Baldwin I of Jerusalem - taxes levied on passing caravan trade filled that city’s coffers. By the mid 12th century it had passed into the hands of Reynaud de Chatillon whose favorite pastime was to throw miscreants off the parapet to their deaths on the rocky ground 1500 feet below. Saladin, who took the castle in 1183, beheaded the despised de Chatillon personally - the only knight to meet this fate at his hands.