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Bananas & coconuts

Bananas & coconuts


Several types of bananas are grown in Salalah from tiny little things called ‘milk bananas’ the size of a child’s finger, to the large bananas commonly seen in our supermarkets. Coconuts, which are not seasonal but are available year-round, are used in many different ways. Green coconuts are used for a refreshing drink, the flesh which is thin and moist can also be eaten. Golden coconuts are more mature have less liquid and firmer flesh, and are used for shredding the flesh of which is then ‘wrung’ to extract milk used in cooking. Lastly they can be dried and their flesh shredded for use in sweets and candy. Sugar cane, papaya and lemon trees are also grown locally. The Dhofar coast is the only area on the entire Arabian peninsula where coconuts are grown.