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Men of al-Mahwit

Men of al-Mahwit


Yemeni men have a vast number of costumes. They often wear the thobe in rich shades of chocolate brown or pale green, grey or lavender which when cinched with their distinctive wide, embroidered belts and the even more distinctive curved daggers called jambiyyas, cuts them quite a dashing air. Alternatively they may favor the mawaz, a patterned tube-like length of cloth in a multitude of colors, patterns, and styles. In the north it is worn about knee-length, in the south it is worn ankle-length like in SE Asia. Headwear is as disctinctive as the rest and you will see everything from a plain white skullcap to white or patterned turbans, lightweight embroidered scarves or the chequered Saudi-style keffiyeh but instead of traditional red, in Yemen it is often found in subdued beige and slate grey. All are wound insouciantly, turbanlike round the head.